Just before going to the cottage…

Today when I visited my parents, Mom was pretty good; we sat in the courtyard and enjoyed the warm though rather gloomy weather. She enjoys tickling and fooling around–swinging the two-person glider the opposite way to mess me up, for example–and I was in a good enough mood to act the same way, which delights her. Sometimes it irritates me A LOT. But if I remember that teasing back ends it, we’re both happy. Her need to touch others is a problem sometimes, because her “filter” doesn’t help her distinguish between family members who understand and those who don’t. It’s led to some embarrassing moments in stores. She’s always been a tease, though, and such teasing and a good response from the “ticklee” is one of her few pleasures.

Dad wanted a new watch, because his current one wasn’t working He didn’t want to “repair” it (I’m sure it just needs a new battery), he wanted a new one like the one my mother has with a large face and big numbers easy to read. My insides said, “We’re going to the cottage tomorrow–how will I remember?” And then my raw-ther brilliant brain suggested I go get it RIGHT THEN. I had set aside time to visit with him, why not shop instead? I had gotten Mom’s watch at the mall, and they live close to the mall. So I got right on it, bought the watch (on the credit card that is Mom and Dad’s with my name on it), and brought it back. He was delighted! It is nice to bring so much pleasure for such a small act.

Now we will go to a family cottage for a few days with our son and his family, so there will be a hiatus in blogs. But “ah’ll be bock,” as Ah-nold would say.

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