The new room

Wow. It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Be assured that Mom and Dad are both doing fine. Since the last entry, we selected a new room; it looks out to the small courtyard especially for the Memory Care area. LOTS of flowers meet the eye, thanks to a resident across the way.The room is even SMALLER, but we took out some furniture, listened to my master room-organizer friend, T., and really it looks so much more cozy and pleasant than the one we abandoned. I was never satisfied with the last room–it always looked like we needed to do something to finish moving in, but this new room makes ME feel peaceful, and I hope Mom, too. Every time I ask her if she likes the new room, she firmly says, “Yes.” Good. Dad is also well, with a fresh haircut, and napping a lot of the time. He enjoys all the events (except Bingo!), especially ice cream socials.

Also we have a new caretaker, D., who is perfect for Mom. She’s very calm, kind, and helps Mom when she needs it without making Mom feel patronized. This is not easy, but it involves letting Mom try things (like bending over to pick up a shoe), but being there to grab her arm and steady her when she’s about to go over. D. is past 40, I would guess, and has the gentle maturity to keep Mom happy. What a joy and blessing the positives of this move, which we hope will be the last.

Unfortunately, Coco is not so happy. As long as Mom is there, Coco’s fine. But when she leaves the area, Coco paces, pants and barks. She’s getting her bath today, and will have Xanax (yup, a doggie version) to calm her and hope she’ll adjust. Poor baby. She’s been through so much.

I just returned from a four-day trip to the cottage with a good friend. We sat in the sun (fighting flies), shopped for unique clothing, ate ice cream (amaretto cherry), and ate other things as well. My friend, the same one mentioned in the first paragraph, helped put up some art work and two rugs meant to be hung, which add to the beauty of the cottage. Thank you, T. I think things are going to calm down, now. It’s time for some routine, pleasant days.

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  1. Helga says:

    Is some of the new artwork opposite the front door? We thought that wall looks SO bare, but didn’t want to be responsible for choosing something for it :) Glad to read that all is well and that you enjoyed some relaxing time up north.

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