Caregiver report

When I went to Bickford today, I was greeted by a staff member who reported having been told–yep, second hand–that one of our new aides sleeps a lot when with Mom. Also that she parked Mom at a table by herself, and then went off to eat elsewhere. We did tell caregivers that they do not need to sit with Mom since she can feed herself fine, but put Mom at a table by herself?! Come ON, people, use your common sense! If part of your job is helping Mom socialize–and it is–DON’T sit her at a table by herself. This report from the staff member also included the fact that the caregiver gets flustered when Mom teases her–probably tickles her–and Caregiver doesn’t seem to know how to react. We have told the caregivers that if she pokes or tickles, they have our permission to gently tickle or poke back, since that usually ends it. DO THAT!

So. I guess I’ll have to see who is with Mom tomorrow, and go over a couple of these points: a) STAY AWAKE–read a book or something when Mom is sleeping if necessary, b) seat her with others at meals, or join her rather than leave her alone, and c) RELAX. Use the counter-tickle to end this, yes, VERY annoying habit of hers. And–oh yeah–remember she has DEMENTIA. Some days will be better than others. I wish you’d known her 10 years ago–you’d have really liked her. Since you didn’t, pretend you care until you do, OK?

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