I’ve tried a couple of times to write here, each time wrote about a sentence, and would discover I did not have two words to rub together. Today, I take myself in hand to at least update what is happening in my parents world (and therefore in mine).

We fired the first agency, and tried going without private duty help. On the first day of this trial, I walked in at 2:00, and found Mom in bed, wearing only a t-shirt and briefs. The absorbent pad that is supposed to be under her was draped over her along with other blankets. When I greeted her, she was confused and said she didn’t know what she was supposed to do. In addition, it seems that when she is alone she worries constantly, and tells me and my sister that she’s been bad. This breaks my heart; I can deal with wet pants a lot better than knowing she is anxiously ruminating and exploring all the ways in which she has been bad.

So we hired Mom’s long-time companion for Mondays and Wednesdays, and will use Agency #2 on the other days of the week. Mom is TOTALLY happy when her companion is with her, and I guess it remains to be seen how the other days go. The aides seem very nice and kind, and are working at finding things to do with Mom. I think when someone is with her that she worries much less. How we hope this will be helpful.

On Easter, my sister and I prepared a pork roast dinner and took it to the family dining room at Bickford. A little monkey-wrench in the works was discovering that the table was not set at all–in the past, this has been taken care of. Most of Bickford’s dishes were in the dishwasher, but fortunately they had a set of glass dishes and glasses, and the meal went well. Dad particularly enjoyed the pork roast, since the pork offered at Bickford is dry and stringy–this the reason that I decided pork roast would be just right.

That’s the nutshell edition. I leave for California to see my son and his wife tomorrow, and will return mid-week.

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