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It’s Monday morning. Since I last posted, I have developed laryngitis, somewhat to my relief, because then I could stop being responsible for awhile. Apparently this wish to get just a LITTLE sick is common amongst overburdened people. In my growing-up family, there was no excuse for sitting around unless you were sick. Really sick, by the way, not malingering. If we didn’t have a fever, we kids went to school, no matter how sick we felt. And if we did stay home, we had to stay in our beds, because if we felt like being up with the family, that meant we weren’t sick and back to the salt mines with you! So I welcome laryngitis since I don’t feel too bad, but can take as an excuse to stay home. No malingering here, honest!

Saturday I stayed home, read, watched basketball, made earrings, and generally took it easy, though I did ride my exercise bike in the basement. I called Mom to tell her that I wasn’t coming to visit so I wouldn’t spray germs around (though I’m pretty sure I got this bug at Bickford). Yesterday, Sunday, my voice was better, so I went to church, and joined a Sunday School class where we will KNIT. Yeah. Prayer shawls, I guess, though I’ll definitely start with a dishcloth. I was feeling pretty good after church, and my voice was much better, AND I DIDN’T HAVE A FEVER (which means lift that load and tote that bale), so I went to Bickford to visit my parents. Dad was out in the living room, and we talked a little, though first I gave him a note that I had laryngitis. To my surprise, he could hear me, and we chatted about various things, none of which I remember, so doubtless it was of little importance. He did say again he thought a closer room for Mom was a good idea, and also would I order some short sleeved shirts for him. That is done as of today; I discovered that shirts at Penney’s were half the price of those on Land’s End. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but I was attracted to the lower price. Hope he likes them. Mom was also fine, and I got a chance to talk to an aide who would like to walk Coco. May that work out, in part because Coco is suddenly wanting to eat her fresh poop, and I wonder if it is boredom that has brought this on. I don’t expect ever to be THAT bored.

Just a bit of observed wackiness the other day. I was getting ready to leave Bickford about 1:10–after eating with Mom and Dad–when I saw one of the residents stacking dirty dishes at the tables.
F. is a “caution,” as people used to say about an unpredictable but funny or interesting person. She’s thin as a stick, wanders the halls round and round, and once said to me, “Are we having fun yet?” I hadn’t seen her clearing up the dishes before, but she seemed to be doing it fairly well. I stopped to say hello to another resident, when I saw F. pick up a glass with a little water in the bottom. She peered in, made a disgusted face, and emptied the glass on the floor. There was no one visible to take charge of her, so I went back to the office and told the director what F. was doing. “It’s just That Sort of Day,” she said cheerfully, and went to F., saying she needed some help. Very smart, for if she’d told F. to stop it, she might have dumped something else on the floor. As I said, she’s unpredictable. It made me feel good to see how gently and respectfully the director distracted Fran. Mom and Dad are in good hands.

Finally, I just saw a PA (no, not Pennsylvania, a Physician’s Assistant), and I have no sign of bacterial infection. So no medicine, just let the virus run its course. That means at least one more day at home, maybe two. Relax and recuperate are my directions, which I plan to follow. Nah to the voices that think I should be MORE PRODUCTIVE.

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