Her disinterest and my rage

Turn left at the bird cage. Surprise. It’s an unmapped maze.

Today’s irony is that the caged bird is mom.

Nursing staff told me on the phone this morning that mom was “not interested “in providing a urine sample for them.(@#*&%(^%(@*%^( When the ***** do skilled nurses—who strongly suspect a UTI , something that also causes increased confusion in an already demented woman—why are we waiting for the G20 to vote on taking the sample?

 Why do I have to request that they use a catheter or any other means to get the **** sample, get her on antibiotics, so she can be d/c’d to her assisted living apartment——–before it’s too late. Before the confusion invades her every cell. Before we are now keeping vigil, not engaging, not brightening, not dosing her with endorphins. 

  Did Lucille Ball ever live in a nursing home? I think we need her right now.

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  1. kathym says:

    Why oh why must a simple test be so complicated? I had this aggravation when Mom appeared to have an eye infection. Can’t we just try an antibiotic drop? the whole issue fizzled out for her when her eye suddenly got better. We can’t win, can we? Your concerns are of such a profound nature. I hope this can be resolved quickly, that it a simple infection, and that she can get back to her apartment. My heart is with you today, Meg.

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