Happy birthday, Mom

Today (1/31) is my mother’s actual birthday. I asked her, today, if she ever thought when she was young that she would live to the year 2011. “Never.” she said firmly. I told her that when I was a kid, it occurred to me that I would be 50 in the year 2001. From the view I had at age 12, that sounded completely implausible, and I dismissed it. Nevertheless, 2001 rolled around, and so did my 50th birthday. If I make it to 88, it will be in the year 2039. The scary thing is that 2039 doesn’t seem that far away.

We arose early today, and my sister and I picked up Mom and Dad. My sister took Dad to the Big Boy, while I loaded Mom and the dog into the car, and dropped the dog off at the vet for her spa visit that will include a medicated bath, a nail trim, anal gland emptying (not all spas provide this service!), ear check for infection, a look at the raw place Coco licks so often she prevents it from healing, and, I’m sure, lots of scratches and pets. This last does not make her love the rest of the day, and she’ll be very happy when she is returned to Bickford late this afternoon.

Well, it’s always something, and today at Big Boy it was Mom missing the chair when she sat down. Fortunately, she partly sat and then slid gently to the floor. No harm done, but getting her up was going to be a challenge. Fortunately, my sister the PT knew just how we could work together and pick her up. Easy, when you know the trick!

Then it was waffles for Mom and Dad and me, which came out hot and crispy. Mom requested bacon, too, which she greatly enjoyed along with the waffle. The waitress asked me about bringing a birthday dessert–a custom at Big Boy; I requested ice cream with a candle, which was delivered with a happy birthday song presented by a crowd of clapping waitstaff. The people at the tables around us applauded, and I think Mom was pleased. She shook hands with a couple of the waitresses, thanking them as she always does when someone does something nice for her. Mom was tired when we got back to Bickford, and struggled to get down the hall. Bed looked mighty welcome to her, and I am sure she is having a lovely nap. I love you, Mom. Happy birthday!

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  1. lindamortensen says:

    Lovely. I’m glad she had a good time. At least it appears so from the pictures. I hope she has an equally lovely nap.

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