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Instruction to Bickford staff: Keep V. [the milk-thrower] away from [my mother]! I spoke to a staff member to ask who had pitched the milk in Mom’s face; she commented that it was “terrible” V. had given Mom a faceful. I asked if Mom had been poking or tickling V., but the aide didn’t know. Clearly her sympathies were with Mom, which is gratifying, but I still wonder. I asked Mom about it, and was not surprised that she did remember the incident quite well. In contrast, I’m sure she does not remember what she ate at the fateful meal. It’s the shock and surprise of the incident that has left an imprint in her memory, which I find interesting. We all have vivid memories from incidents that affected us deeply, especially painful or shocking ones.

V. is a WWII vet, about whom my father learned that he was imprisoned in a Japanese prison camp during the war. Or did Dad just decide that is true? Lately it’s been a little hard to tell, but the fact that V. is missing his hand and lower forearm makes me suspect the story is true. Dad greatly admires V. as a result, and has called him a real hero more than once. I told Dad about the milk incident before I knew it was V. I think I won’t fill in that part of the story unless or until he asks.

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