Waffles again

I thought we were past the point of taking Mom and Dad out to eat, but both are still eager to go for WAFFLES! Today I planned to leave the house at 7:30, pick up Mom and Coco, drop the dog for her day at the vet-spa, and meet my sister and Dad at Big Boy for waffles. Sadly, though a series of unfortunate events, I woke at 7:45 (blame the alarm! I need a new one!) and groaned because I could not run out the door with my hair, which–since I’d washed it last night andslept on it wet– was literally sticking straight up on one side. My sister called about then–are you coming?– and so as my husband told her I was up and frantically getting ready, I soaked my head, ran a comb through it, and smeared on a little blusher–what a beauty program. I looked like a 59-year-old woman who’d gotten out of bed, soaked her head and used a little blush. There’s nothing like a little reality check–I DO need make-up.

You have to understand how important Being On Time was and is to my parents; we were raised to leave 30 minutes before any engagement–I remember as a child my father driving around a little bit to pass some time because we were 10-15 minutes early. Again. So for me to be holding up the convoy? A nightmare. I did positive self-talk that I usually am on time and rarely oversleep and focused on Mom and Dad having a nice time. Coco was dragged off for her bath–poor thing–Mom and I got to Big Boy, and Dad and my sister had a table. Before long there were waffles on the table. Mom ate hers mostly with her hands, and then turned helplessly to my sister with sticky hands. Sis is up to any problem, and she pulled the lemon off her tea tray, rubbed juice onto the sticky hands and wiped her down. It was such a familiar scene, only usually the sticky person is about 83 years younger. Both parents had a great time–Mom kept commenting on how much fun she’d had–and that was the point. A little change in a tiresome routine can really help make living a bit more worth living. Mom didn’t ask about dying today. There’s a little sweetness–maple syrup!–left to enjoy.

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