I’m back [Kathy]

Upon returning from rest in Jamaica with a dear friend, I was home one day before leaving for my birthday present trip to Philadelphia to visit Andrew, Christine and Emma. Jamaica was a great opportunity to sit outside in warm weather–with sun on three days!–and read read READ. I must have read four or five books while there. I recommend Bill Bryson’s new book AT HOME if you like fascinating facts as much as I do. Despite the truly terrible food (this resort was all inclusive, and we were trapped there with breakfast selections like Braised Beef Kidneys), I managed to gain weight! It’s a magic trick with me–no exercise = weight gain. Yes, yes, I know there was an exercise room there, but I assure you that you wouldn’t have gone in there, either. And the beach was all fenced off; no beach walking available.

Philadelphia time with, ok, let’s face it, EMMA, was really delightful. Friday, she and I were home alone together. At one point, we walked down to the CVS store–about five blocks–to get glue to put together the tiger-on-a-stick kit I brought along for Fun. I bought the wrong glue, as it turns out. Word to the wise: don’t try to glue foam with glue sticks, even if they are purple (my favorite color!). Emma was delighted with the tacky Christmas items already out for sale at CVS; the 3 ft. bearded nutcracker was a huge favorite, and was marked down from $80 to $29.99! Wow! I also got a very good birthday cupcake with a candle; Emma blew HERS out at the same time I blew MINE out. Great fun. I like Philadelphia for two reasons: 1) Emma and parents are there, and 2) the food is better than it is in Jamaica.

Mom and Dad survived just fine. Maybe I’ve made the transition from worry and guilt when I’m not in town to facing the fact that we’re in this for a long haul, and Life Goes On. I visited yesterday and today, and both parents seemed well and pretty happy. I arranged, before I left, for one of the aides to walk Coco every day, and then spend a little time in Mom’s room to see if they could be helpful in any way. It seems to be working well, both for the walker and the walkee. One of the aides is on a diet and exercise regimen, and is delighted to be paid for some of the exercise. Win/win.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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