Quick post

A quick post to say that I didn’t get a call from Bickford this morning, so I assume Mom got up without complaint–or at least she got up–so that was a relief. I managed to get to yoga for the 3rd time and got very sweaty and stretched, forgot to take Coco to the vet (argh!), but in a way it was OK, because my sister pointed out that Coco was chewing through the tennis balls and probably cutting her gums on the ball. So a plus and a minus and at least I’m even today! And, oh yes, I did visit my folks, and they are OK. Yesterday Dad asked me when his birthday was, though. The three of us did chair exercise today at Bickford, and Mom was the kid poking others and wanting to be done because some of the exercises made her uncomfortable–such a change from wanting to get all the exercise she could.

My husband and I are going to visit one of our sons and family in Ohio, so I doubt I’ll be posting until at least Friday. I’ll have some guilt go with me on the trip, but as my husband points out, my parents are not the only family members I have.

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