But I’m OLD!

The phone rang around 7 a.m., and that early a call is almost certainly going to be Bickford. An aide came on: “Do you want to talk to your mother?” Yup, Mom was refusing to get out of bed again. She saw no reason to get up, she felt lazy, and when I told her that yesterday she’d said she wanted to go to church, she said, “I don’t want to.” Fine, you don’t have to, but you do need to get up. She gave me good resistance for awhile, but I kept arguing back, and finally she said in a grumpy voice, “I’ll do it.” I talked to the aide later who had called, and she said Mom then got up right away. The early phone call was at my request–to tell you the truth, I thought the “threat” of a call to me would motivate her, but no. Do I want a call every morning? No. So now what?

Today after church I went by and asked her why she didn’t want to get up anymore. “I’m OLD!” she said emphatically, which made me laugh–who can argue with that? I suspect in the “olden” days she might have gone to bed permanently and died sooner–thus my question: what’s best? However, I pointed out that if she stays in bed full-time, she couldn’t live at Bickford, but would have to go to a nursing home. That would mean that I would have to visit two different places, and I just wasn’t up to that. Sweet Mom. She worries about making my life harder, so she agreed that she would start to get up without prodding. We shall see. Also in my arsenal is that Coco couldn’t live with her anymore if she goes to a nursing home. She IS tired, poor thing, so flogging her to get up is not my idea of fun.

Dad was fine today, and was “enjoying” the latest Lion game, which they were predictably losing. Dad is a longtime Lion fan, and has suffered with them for over 50 years. I keep hoping the Lions will have a winning season before he dies, but am beginning to believe it’s hopeless. “They won’t win until they get rid of that stupid old man,” Dad says, referring to the owner William Ford. So far, Dad’s right, but this is one case where he’d love to be wrong.

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