Good day

So many days a visit with my parents is hard in some way: sad, frustrating, or maddening. How happy it makes me when I have good visits, even with one parent, and today both were delightful. I connected with Dad when I walked in since he was in the living room, and we sat out in the courtyard in the sun and visited. The topic turned to Peter, and his trip around the globe, and then to Dad’s, and Mom’s, time living in Italy and Switzerland. We both remembered pleasant events and places there, and when it was time for me to go see Mom, he said, “This was a good visit.” That gladdened my heart, because pleasant conversation is hard for him when he is so hard of hearing. We had a few laughs, in particular over his great-granddaughter, age 2, who, when asked where you wear pajamas said, “In Philadelphia!” How true that is.

Then Mom turned out to be at the hymn sing around the fireplace, and at first I wasn’t happy about this, because she often wants to be with just me. But it turned out well; the hymns were familiar enough, most of them, for Mom to sing. I was amazed at the way the words flowed from her with no struggle. Music IS in a different place in the brain from plain language, it was clear. She was also harmonizing perfectly, another thrill for me, since this was so “Mom.” We rocked together singing “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” and giggled, and did a little friendly poking. She was beaming, and I was too. How thankful I am for today with them. Bittersweet–but more sweet than bitter today.

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