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Turn Left at the Bird Cage

Past 11 days marked by trips to urgent care, a 3 day hospital stay (for mom not me), and currently 5-star cruise at the rehab unit/skilled nursing facility. Initially,┬ámom’s transfer to the skilled nursing facility felt like a death sentence … Continue reading

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Nurse Allison says mom’s removing the boxing fist of bandages is awesome

Mom no sooner had returned to her apartment after wincing through several hours of debriding her wounded right hand that she removed layers of green and blue tape, adhesive bandaging, kerlix, and silver nitrate inpregnated gauze that was to invade … Continue reading

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Of debriding, handholding, and getting tough with mom

Mom took a fall a week ago as she was getting up from her afternoon nap. Rather than pull the “help” string next to her bed, she took the “I can do this myself” route. About the same time her … Continue reading

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